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    • Set up product research and development, manufacturing in one of the modern enterprise,
      Research and development of dust collector for a long time
      Professional manufacturer of dust collectors
    • To undertake all kinds of renovation waste gas treatment equipment, sewage engineering Difficult miscellaneous diseases
      Advanced technology high quality star service
    • The company has strong technical strength, not only brings together the environmental protection and well-known scholars, experts and professional and technical personnel,
      Also with the domestic design institutes directly cooperate and technical exchanges, according to the actual needs of the user production process, professional design and production.
      According to the actual needs of professional design customization
    • After many experimental improvements, the pleated long filter cartridge was used to carry out technical transformation of our company's products so as to save investment,
      Change less maintenance, improve dust removal efficiency, for enterprises to solve worries, praised by the majority of customers
      Taking technology development as the core to obtain market affirmation

    Company profile

    Specializing in the production of dust collector manufacturers

    Wuxi Wan he environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is located in the beautiful scenery of Taihu coast - Wuxi economic and Technological Development Zone, set product research and development, manufacturing in one of the modern enterprise. Research and development of dust collector for a long time.

    Product R & D

    At the beginning of the establishment of foreign advanced dust collection technology, after many years of research and development, improve and develop a new generation of DF, DFL series of high efficiency air filter dust collector and DFS series vibration type single machine dust collector. The product series has been widely used in dust collection and dust removal in various environments. DF, DFL and DFS products obtained three national patents, patent number: 98227168.9, 992 9830.X, 99229829.6.

    Superior performance

    According to the domestic enterprise for a long time use of bag filter bag appeared, short service life, low dust removal efficiency, difficult installation and maintenance of the situation, after many experiments to improve the pleated filter tube on long pulse bag filter, rapping bag filter, flat bag rotary backblowing dust collector, air box bag pulse filter and the technical transformation of the electric dust collector, to enable enterprises to save investment, reduce maintenance and improve the efficiency, for the enterprise to solve the majority of the units used by the menace from the rear, praise.

    Requirement customization

    Companies continue to explore new products: light oxygen catalytic exhaust equipment, activated carbon exhaust gas adsorption equipment, spray tower, low temperature plasma, paint room. And to undertake all kinds of renovation waste gas treatment equipment, sewage engineering Difficult miscellaneous diseases. The company has strong technical strength, according to the actual needs of the user design and manufacture of various specifications of dust collector. We will continue to provide customers with reasonable prices, high quality products, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life come to negotiate, enhance friendship and common development.

    Wanhe Dust collector Application range

    For a wide range, mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, coating, casting, food, ceramics, cement, metallurgy, metal, plastics, abrasives, fly ash, rubber, biology, tobacco, nonferrous metals, machinery manufacturing, automotive and other industries

    Leading technology

    Superior quality

    Star Service

    Dust collector Manufacturer

    According to the market demand, the company constantly develop new products: light oxygen catalytic activated carbon adsorption equipment, gas equipment, spray tower, plasma, paint room. And to undertake all kinds of renovation waste gas treatment equipment, sewage engineering Difficult miscellaneous diseases. The use of pleated filter canister, to undertake all kinds of bag filter, electrostatic precipitator and other dust removal equipment technical transformation.

    The company offers a variety of pleated cartridge fittings

    The use of pleated filter canister, to undertake all kinds of bag filter, electrostatic precipitator and other dust removal equipment technical transformation

    Reverse blow reverse washing proce…

    The bag filter is mainly composed of two major parts of the shell and the filter bag, in the…

    Dust cleaning mode and selection r…
    Esp of different types will be different in the dust removal effect when used for equipment running status is unstable or the fluctuation of d…
    Filter material and mechanical dev…
    Bag filter in the use of the process of its dust removal efficiency is relatively high, under normal circumstances will generally be more than…
    Purchase requirements of filter du…
    The dust filter in the process of operation can effectively separate the dust from flue gas effectively, the main performance of the device ca…
    Maintenance and working principle …
    The need for effective industrial dust collector open the cylinder cover effectively check the dust storing bag is fastened before use, and th…
    Processing material and ash cleani…
    The main equipment of the dust filter in the process of the main is effective use of the microporous superfine fiber cloth and fine dust and g…
    Physical and chemical properties a…
    Quality of dust collector in process work, will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment and reliable operation system and produc…
    Different types of dust collectors…
    In the process of using industrial dust collector, mainly refers to the dust smoke pores, mainly through its filter layer, the dust particles …

    wanhe industry case


    Our contact information


    Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life come to negotiate, promote friendship and common development. You can contact us through the following ways, we look forward to your call here.


    0510 - 8531 0976


    New area, new agricultural town road in Jiangsu city of Wuxi Province


    According to user demand professional design and production

    The company has strong technical strength, not only brings together the environmental protection and well-known scholars, experts and professional and technical personnel, but also with a number of design institutes directly cooperate and exchange of technology, according to the actual needs of the user production process design professional production.

    Hotline:0510 - 8531 0976.
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